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What Clark Montgomery Feeds His Competition Horses

What Clark Montgomery Feeds His Competition Horses

I am Olympic three-day eventer, Clark Montgomery. The horses in my program thrive on Standlee Forage throughout the season. I first approached Standlee about feeding my string in 2016 when my wife and I were still based in England with our competition horses. In the 4 years that we had been there, we had struggled to find consistent, quality hay. And with the Olympics on the horizon, we knew we needed to plug into a hay supplier that we could count on. After a conversation with Jay in the head office and seeing a few of the videos highlighting their quality control and organization, we knew we had found what we were looking for.

Clark Montgomery jumping

2016 in particular had a lot of travel and logistics for our string. We flew the competition horses from England into New York, they then shipped down to Virginia where we were met by a pallet of the Premium Timothy Grab & Go® Compressed Bales. After 2 weeks in Virginia, the horses then shipped to Ocala, Florida where again we were met by a new pallet with the exact same Premium Timothy. These grab and go bales accompanied us all the way to Rio! They were such a convenient size for travel and the shrink wrap exterior assured its freshness. The consistency of the product was second to none.

Clark Montgomery with Standlee Premium Western Forage Timothy Grab & Go Compressed Bales

Since the Olympics, I have continued to feed all of my horses Standlee forage, from the young up and comers to the old campaigners and they have never been better. I can’t say thanks enough for the work that Standlee does to grow such beautiful, nutritious forage and a special shout out to the distribution team that makes it convenient for me to get quality hay in all of our travels around the country and sometimes the world. We are already looking forward to the start of our 2018 season and thankful to know that Standlee Premium Western Forage will be supporting us along the way.

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