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Standlee Spotlight: Lapa’au Farm

Standlee Spotlight: Lapa’au Farm

Did you know that straw can be used to grow big, beautiful mushrooms? Lapa’au Farm in Hawai’i does, and they prefer Standlee® high-quality straw to make their mushroom gardens grow.

Oyster Mushrooms are one of the most versatile mushrooms on the planet. They are used to help enrich our diets and, in some cases, clean up the environment. These edible mushrooms are either harvested wild or cultivated. Some people find sport in mushroom hunting, but if you don’t trust your mushroom knowledge to identify the non-poisonous ones, leave it up to the professionals like Lapa’au Farm.

Oyster Mushrooms

This is what they had to say about Standlee Premium Western Forage®:

"At Lapa'au Farm, we focus on growing nutrient-rich foods through building micro-organisms and feeding our soil, and as a byproduct, we get healthy nutrient-dense plants. As we tried to find the most ethical, productive, and nutrient-rich substrate to grow our mushrooms in, we facilitated many trials with woodchips, sawdust, and straw. We found, over the months, that Standlee® straw products were, by far, the most supreme substrate to be used to grow our oyster mushrooms on. Thank you, Standlee, for the work you do to get us such a high quality and superior product to facilitate the growth of our mushrooms as an essential part of our farm!" – Michael Marchand Owner/Founder Lapa’ au Farm

Michael Marchand Mushroom Farmer

Lapa’au Farm grows other produce as well, such as potatoes, beets, arugula, and much more. If you are local to Maui, stop by your closest marketplace to try a Standlee® straw grown mushroom. Also, like them on Facebook or visit their website at www.lapaaufarm.org.

And, if you’re looking to become a mushroom farmer, you know where to get the highest quality straw available.

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