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Standlee Spotlight: Shouty's Story

Standlee Spotlight: Shouty's Story

There’s no question that therapy animals are some of the most amazing, unsung heroes. Their ability to give relief to those who need it the most through healing their human companions is nothing short of incredible. In this Standlee Spotlight we’d like to honor a very special rooster named Shouty. Here is Shouty's story:

Shout Out To Shouty

Our rooster Shouty was hatched a little different, but we always knew he was special.

Hatched with a twisted beak, we were very worried he would not do well in life. He was the first chick my daughter hatched, one of two “survivors” from a clutch of 16 or so, and his extra care created a bond that expands across a rooster and their human companion. As my daughter took him under her wing, she made sure he had everything he needed to grow and thrive despite his special needs. As a result, he loves people and I suspect he thinks we’re all just tall non-feathery chickens.

Shouty Turning Point

Our 4H club in Ohio asked us if we would be interested in bringing “a chicken” to local community outreach programs, my daughter jumped at the chance to show off Shouty and his welcoming spirit, besides he’s not just “a chicken”. Because Shouty has been handled, cared for and loved since the day he was hatched, he is very calm around people and enjoys being in the limelight. He doesn’t even need a cage, he happily sits on my daughter’s arm the entire visit, soaking up the attention and affection he possibly can.

Our first visit was with local adults at a special needs facility, and Shouty did amazing. My daughter told his story and he was a big hit with both the faculty and the people. They couldn’t believe he didn’t need a cage and that he was so calm- and since he was calm and relaxed, they could be too. He loved the attention and promptly fell asleep from all the people giving him love and pets.

Shouty Day Camp

Shouty was also asked by our county 4H director to attend a children’s church day camp, the Cloverbuds’ Summer Day Camp, and the annual “Community Days” gathering. Through Shouty’s interactions education, care and compassion is what it’s all about!

At Standlee we appreciate that dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that can offer therapy to others. Just ask Shouty and his faithful companions, Roosters can make great friends too! Thank you for your story Dana Donnelly and sharing Shouty with the world!

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