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Repaying Their Love Not Just on Valentine’s Day

Repaying Their Love Not Just on Valentine’s Day

Stores are filling up with Valentine’s Day treats. Chocolates, candy hearts, hand-dipped strawberries, along with cards galore line the shelves. And these are great for the special human in your life. But what about that special horse?

If you haven’t thought about giving a Valentine’s Day treat to your horse, you’re probably not alone. After all, your horse doesn’t know that it’s a holiday. Besides when you visit, you make your horse’s day special, even if you make him work. Your horse desires your company, companionship, and dedication to his care. So, it’s important to think about ways in which we can show that we care and respect their love, not just one day out of the year, but every day! It’s also vital that we do so in ways that don’t upset the horse’s sensitive digestive system.

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Probably the best way to repay your horse’s love is by providing quality forage and a nutritious diet year round. In the cold, dark days of February, though we know spring (and green pastures) are on the way, most farms still supplement with stored hay or beneficial forage. Providing pelleted forage, especially if you soak it with warm water on a cold winter’s day, allows you to add hydration and nutrients to your horse’s diet without additional sugar and allows your hay to stretch further.

Your horse will appreciate the care and attention you’re spending on his feed, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re supporting your horse’s winter needs in a healthy and safe way.

But how else can you repay your horse’s love?

Whether it’s keeping you safe on the trail or placing first in the show arena, your horse consistently gives his all for you. In turn, it’s our responsibility to ensure that all his needs are met. He relies on us to do so, even as he provides love and companionship. A good way to do this is to be proactive about dietary changes. Learn to assess the quality of your hay and pastures. Working with a county extension agent can help you receive nutritional analyses, so you know exactly what measures are needed to increase and supplement your horse’s diet.

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Also, another great way to show extra special care is through providing rewards to your horse. Standlee Apple/Berry Cookie Cubes® are designed to provide a nutritious reward for horses and other animals. These all-natural treats made with cranberries infused with apple juice and Timothy Grass and Alfalfa forages. You’ll be come the most adored amongst the horses in your barn when they realize these delicious cookies come from you!

The truth is, while you’ll be repaying your horse’s love when you take these steps, you’ll also feel better about the care and feed you’re providing. As much as we’re always looking to communicate better with our horses, often they simply don’t understand our human ways of conversation. There’s a good chance if you bought a card for Valentine’s Day, your horse would probably rather chew on it, than read and enjoy it. So we have to look outside of the box, as it were, to find new ways to “speak” to our horses.

The best way to do that? By making sure we’re giving them the very best, not just on Valentine’s Day, but year round.

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