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New Year’s Solutions for the Farm: Part 4 – Goat Solutions

New Year’s Solutions for the Farm: Part 4 – Goat Solutions

This is the 4th blog post in a 4-part series offering New Year’s Solutions for your companion animals.

Whether you’re planning to purchase or currently raising goats, we are here to provide some helpful solutions and giveaways for the New Year. Read on to find out what you could win!

From promoting animal safety to improved well-being, there are many things you can do for your goats to keep them healthy in 2018. Let’s start the year with good nutrition for your goats.

Goat milk continues to gain popularity for those who can’t tolerate cow milk as well as a premium ingredient for natural yogurts and artisan cheeses. Therefore, what you feed the lactating doe is a critical part of the process. Alfalfa has a reputation of being the “go to” forage for dairy goats with its high calorie, high protein, and high calcium content. If your doe is pregnant, you can transition them in late pregnancy from grass hay to a mix, then to alfalfa while they are milking.

Milking a Goat

Expert Spotlight: “Deborah Niemann has found that if you are having trouble getting does milked before they finish eating their grain, try mixing in alfalfa pellets with it. It will help slow them down from eating too fast and prevents them from protesting about being on the milk stand.”

We also now offer an Organic Alfalfa Pellet that makes it easy for goats of all breeds and ages to chew. If you are looking for an organic, non-gmo feed alternative, this product is perfect for you. Romeo pictured below loves his Standlee Organic Alfalfa Pellets!

Goat Climbing on Table to Eat Standlee Product

We cannot iterate enough how important it is to provide your goats the closest thing to their natural nutrition as possible. Since, they are peinned up in their unnatural habitats they do not have access to the vitamins and minerals they need to survive. Supplementing them with minerals will make up for these deficiencies that occur, but it is important to know what your goats are lacking.

Deborah Niemann discusses nutrition along with many other topics in her book “Raising Goats Naturally. She mentions that well-nourished goats will have a shiny coat with soft hair, their body condition will be excellent, fertility and milk production will be good, and kidding problems will be rare. If you are encountering issues with your goats, then it is probably a good idea to look closely at their diet and your supplementation program to see if they could be deficient in key nutrients.

For more Standlee nutrition tips and topics, stay tuned to the Barn Bulletin.

Goat Supplies Giveaway

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The giveaway items include: Deborah Niemann’s Raising Goats Naturally Book, The Double-Tuf Hook Over Goat Trough, Fortiflex Mineral Feeder, FREE Standlee product, and Hoof Trimmers.

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Denise Landstedt is our lucky winner!

Terms and Conditions for 2018 Giveaway:

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