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New Year’s Solutions for the Farm: Part 2 - Winter Flock

New Year’s Solutions for the Farm: Part 2 - Winter Flock

This is the second blog post in a 4 part series offering New Year’s Solutions for your companion animals. Each week will feature a different species and a new giveaway. Stay tuned for more.

We are so excited to share with you our winter solutions for 2018! Interested in winning some awesome products for your chickens? Read on to find out how!

Most of us are aware that Jack Frost knows how to turn on the chill and this time of year a few snowflakes can often mean the start of a huge blizzard. With plummeting temperatures, being outside becomes a challenge and being cooped up inside can lead to boredom. To make the next few months a bit more bearable we’d like to offer some suggestions to give your flock a safe home throughout the year, particularly during the winter months.

Chickens near coop
  1. Chickens are naturally equipped to protect themselves from the cold; fluffing their feathers allows them to retain body heat and insulate themselves from the cold. But they don’t stand a chance of retaining that heat if their feathers are ruffled by drafts! Thoroughly check your coop for drafts, especially around windows, doors and nest boxes. Patch or caulk any gaps or holes to prevent heat loss and drafts on your birds on the roost at night. Make sure to leave adequate ventilation at the top of the coop to reduce humidity that could otherwise hasten frostbite in cold temperatures.
  2. Proper litter management ensures your ability to control moisture and keep the flock’s living space healthy and comfortable. Standlee’s Flock Fresh® is a great litter option; its combination of straw, alfalfa and zeolite naturally reduces moisture, keeping the coop dry. Save that spent litter for composting for an unbeatable soil amendment to your gardens in the spring!
  3. Just like humans, hens get bored being cooped up in winter. Chickens can develop problem behaviors like feather picking and egg-eating. Keep their beaks busy by encouraging your flock to peck through their litter by using Flock Fresh®, a combination of chopped straw, chopped hay and alfalfa, which is always a favorite of our feathered friends! Promoting this hunting and pecking activity ensures chickens are kept busy and out of mischief.
  4. Chickens can be reluctant to leave the coop with snow on the ground outside the pop hole door, but who can blame them? Ensure a clear path outside the coop by shoveling and spread Standlee Certified Chopped Straw on the ground to make their winter outings a bit more appealing.
  5. Chicken head
  6. If you are trying to keep your egg production up in the winter consider adding artificial light and curtains to your nesting boxes. Curtains help keep eggs out of view and limit the risk of turning bored chickens into egg-eating chickens. Curtains can help conserve heat inside the nest box while a hen is laying an egg and help prevent eggs from freezing. They’re super cute coop decor too, so why not add nest box curtains?
  7. Speaking of nesting boxes, why not add some aromatherapy to your coop and brighten up the dark days of winter? Add The Chicken Chick’s Spruce the Coop® Herbal Fusion Nest Box Herbs to litter, nest boxes, and dust bath areas to impart a delightful scent to your chicken’s environment! Keep reading for a chance to win a free bag of Spruce the Coop®!
  8. Chickens eating
  9. Finally, ensure your flock has a comfortable place to roost this winter to keep warm and dry. Use 2x4s with the wide side facing up, which allows chickens to cover their feet completely with the warmth of their abdomen and insulation of their feathers. Keep your roost area and dropping boards dry with The Chicken Chick’s Sweet Coop™ zeolite. Zeolite is a naturally-occurring mineral produced from volcanic activity that absorbs moisture and attracts harmful ammonia molecules like a magnet, binding them to its surface. Sweet Coop® is a natural way to control moisture and harmful gas odor in the coop for a sweeter, healthier home for your chickens. Liberally sprinkle Sweet Coop® onto dropping boards and onto litter in between cleanings to maintain a clean, dry coop for your sleeping beauties.

Chicken chick product collage

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