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Hay, How’s It Going?

Hay, How’s It Going?

Standlee Premium Western Forage® has so many happy, fun-loving and knowledgeable customers and team members, we want to provide you with an online community where we all interact with each other! Our blog is all about our community, whether you’re a backyard hobbyist, professional rider, Standlee Retailer or just thinking about forage, we want you to be involved with this experience - so sign up today!

How Did We Get Here

Being a family company from a small town in Idaho, we are fully committed to the values learned from hard work, caring about our family and friends, love of nature, simplicity and providing the very best forage for animals, big and small - you can see this care through the products we provide. Whether it’s cutting timothy hay in the summer, or carefully selecting the right seeds to grow the right forage for you, we are fully invested in making your life easier and your backyard animals comfortable and content.

Standlee is the embodiment of an American dream; we came from humble beginnings and it’s something none of us will ever forget. In 1981, founder Mike Standlee and his wife Whendy with just $900 in their pockets started what today is known as Standlee Premium Western Forage®. It’s hard to believe we are now an international company, when Mike’s first tools were an old 1969 Peterbilt truck, used swather and baler. Knowing that you can make great things happen with hard work, dedication and determination is a daily mantra here at Standlee.

We Want To Know, Who The Heck Are You?

Everybody has a story and we want to hear yours! We want to feature our Standlee customers, retailers and experts on our blog. I bet if you’ve made it this far, you probably have a story too! If there is something awesome, amazing or informative you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to let us know. Just submit your thoughts here:

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