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Feeling Stressed? Give Goat Yoga a Try

Feeling Stressed? Give Goat Yoga a Try

If you’re feeling stressed and need a way to relax, we have a great option for you: Goat yoga. No, we’re not joking, and yes, goat yoga is an actual activity that’s currently offered all over the country. Here’s what you should know about this new form of yoga that’s quickly growing in popularity.

What Is Goat Yoga, Exactly?

Goat yoga is, essentially, a yoga class that takes place in the presence of goats. Many of these classes are conducted on farms, and goats often wander freely amongst the participants. This can make for some interesting happenings, with goats climbing on you while you’re in a pose, bumping into you to say hello, or even snuggling up next to you.

Goat Yoga

The Benefits of Goat Yoga

Goat yoga is more than just yoga – many people see it as animal-assisted therapy. By adding goats to the yoga class, you’re able to interact with these animals as they wander about freely. It’s a great distraction from the stress and worries of the outside world, and gives you a chance to connect with and enjoy the company of goats if you aren’t lucky enough to have goats of your own.

These classes serve another important purpose. They can help to introduce people to the fun of having goats. Yoga enthusiasts may try out a class with goats, only to discover how fun, affectionate, and entertaining goats actually are.

Goat Yoga Meditation

Finding Goat Yoga Near You

Want to give goat yoga a try? Chances are there’s a class located somewhere near you. The Goat Yoga company currently offers classes in California, Illinois, Kentucky, New York, Michigan, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. You can visit their website to see a list of classes near you.

If you don’t see any classes near you on the above website, don’t worry – there are other ways to find these special classes. Try contacting some yoga studios near you, or stop by your local feed store to see if there are any classes advertised on the bulletin board. You may also want to keep an eye on social media, since classes are sometimes advertised that way.

If you still aren’t able to find any classes, reach out to a local yoga studio to suggest that they offer them. They may not yet realize the interest in this new class type and may be able to set something up.

Photo Credit: Laura Operhall - Mesa, AZ

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