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Christmas Wishes From Standlee

Christmas Wishes From Standlee

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and thankful! We’re so grateful to have you as part of our Standlee family, along with your two and four-legged fur (and feather!) babies. One thing we’re all sure to agree on is what our animals mean to us. It’s so much more than the responsibility we have of providing them with quality food, clean water and a warm shelter, it’s the gift they give to us of love and compassion.

With that in mind, Standlee is here to give your animals the best, because that is what they truly deserve. Thank you for sharing with us over this past year what Standlee products mean to you and your animals!

Here are some wonderful messages from our Standlee family:

  • I mix Standlee Hay pellets in my soaked beet pulp to stretch my hay during the winter. My horses love it! Thank you, Standlee Hay Company for making products I can trust! – BJ A.
  • I feed timothy and alfalfa hay pellets as a supplement in winter to my 20-year-old thoroughbred. It’s keeping him from losing weight in winter. He is in in great condition! – Beverly H.
  • They produce outstanding hay products!! We have visited the plant! Outstanding operation!! – Carolyn H.
  • We have fed your Timothy Grass pellets for years. Good quality year after year. – Donna A.
  • I have been feeding your Timothy grass pellets and Orchard grass pellets for over 3 years to a now 41-year-old retired standardbred pacer who has not been able to chew dry hay for 3 winters now. He is still here because of your products! – Donnie M.
  • I love the hay, good quality. Feed it to our bunnies and Guinea pigs, they enjoy it very much, Straw is also very nice and soft. Keep up the good work 😊 – Elisabeth B.
  • Standlee beet pulp pellets are AWESOME! There is no comparison with other brands. Top notch product! – Bonnie V.
  • When I start my day off with my girls [chickens] I know it’s going to be a good day. Love your product Flock Fresh. I drive over 60 miles round trip to purchase it. – Karen N.

Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you for welcoming us into your barns and stables.

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