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Old Friends

Old Friends

Thoroughbred Retirement Facility

Founded in 2003 by former Boston Globefilm critic Michael Blowen, Old Friends has grown from a leased paddock and one horse to a 136-acre farm, a herd of over 175 rescued and retired horses, and two satellite facilities. Home to Kentucky Derby and Preakness champions, Silver Charm and War Emblem, each repatriated from stud duties overseas, it is a “living-history museum of horse racing”.

In 2014 Old Friends was rewarded with a Special Eclipse Award, honoring extraordinary service in the sport of Thoroughbred racing. But perhaps the greatest reward of all has been the respect and support of the owners, trainers, and fans who help protect these amazing athletes.

Whether, they have been retired or repatriated, every horse at Old Friends has a story to tell. These ex-racehorses will touch your heart with their heroic tales.

Standlee is proud to officially sponsor Old Friends and its journey to continue to protect these race horse heroes.