Learn more about how all of our Standlee Premium Western Forage® products are produced.

We take great pride in producing and manufacturing the highest quality forage products in the USA. Because we care so much about our customers and their four-legged partners, we make sure that all our products meet the highest quality standards. Watch the video below to learn about what we call the Standlee Difference.

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Learn what you should be feeding your horse with our Standlee Forage Finder® and Standlee Feed Calculator™

Standlee Forage Finder

Find out which forage type is best for your horse! Designed to take the mystery out of buying forage, this interactive tool ensures owners are satisfied and animals are properly nourished.

Standlee Forage Finder®

Standlee Feed Calculator™

Find a healthier diet for your horse! Horse nutrition needs depend on many factors. This interactive tool helps horse owners feed the right amount to optimize their horse’s diet.

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