Howdy! I feed many of your fine products to my horses and goats, including alfalfa cubes & pellets, timothy pellets, oat/alfalfa cubes, & beet pulp pellets (especially in the cold Winter weather up here in the Northeast), and am very satisfied with all of your items ~ they are Top-Quality!!”

William C.

We switched 2 years ago to feeding hay cubes instead of hay bales because hay was just not available. (We used big round bales) What we have found is that your hay cubes are the best way to go for hay for our horses and many folks have asked us if we found the switch good. We tell them no, we have found it better and will not switch back to bales. We have nearly no wasted hay, no dust and our horses are enjoying the soaked cubes- no pulling out a part they don't like- they eat every bit!”

Winna W.

Thank you for making the best timothy hay pellets! My rabbits eat a cup each everyday along with Oxbow pellets and loose timothy hay! I also use your alfalfa, oat hay cubes a few times a week with my house rabbits and guinea pigs, they love them!! The best price and quality!”

Nicole S.

We have been using your alfalfa cubes for several years now and wow, calories = heat, It gets a chilly here in Indiana in the winter and the cubes help. Thanks!”

Ricky H.

Your Alfalfa /Timothy Pellets are Awesome! Thank you for affordable, High Nutrition consistent forage available in South Texas Our winter cut hay leaves a lot to be desired! I’ve also been using just a handful of the Alfalfa hay once a day, it’s wonderful too.”

Jeanette W.

I feed my hard keeper warmblood mare alfalfa cubes along with timothy hay and she does great and loves them. I have been using them for almost 4 yrs. now great product.”

Terrie S.

I would like to thank the Standlee Hay Company for making the last year of our old horse "Justin" a healthy one. "Justin was about 38-40 years old when he died on Dec.9th. He wore all his molars down to nothing & had to eat soaked T&A cubes for his forage hay. I used your mini cubes & he loved them. They were easy to work with too. If it were not for your outstanding company we would not have had "Justin" for that extra year. Thank you so much!!!!!”

Robin S.

I've been feeding horses for more than 50 years. After my then 2yo stopped sweating on me, I had to find out why and what to do. A very dear friend had a "non-sweater" for 13 years and discovered that when taken off "commercially" processed feed with preservatives and other non-beneficial ingredients, he began to sweat buckets. In looking at her results, as well as knowing how well my horses do on just grass out west (timothy, alfalfa and brome), I came up with a diet that not only has changed my "non-sweater" into a normal sweating horse, the horses seem to be more focused on their job and much happier! I feed a combination of your cubes-Timothy Hay cubes and Alfalfa/Oat cubes along with a rice bran fat supplement and a vitamin and mineral balancer supplement and they all are doing great. Thank you so much for developing these products. Since horses are "forage" eaters and not "grain" eaters this product allows the horse to eat the most "natural" diet possible for its digestive system. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

Robin S.

Converted another to Standlee alfalfa pellets. One of our friends has an older horse that would not put on weight. Told them we were having huge success with the pellets. He started about 3 1/2 weeks ago and his horse is slowly gaining good weight. Thanks again Standlee Hay, love this stuff!!!”

Joan G.

Dear Standlee Hay Company, I love, love, love your hay!!! Not for me, he he. But my little Mustang loves it!!!!! I buy the Alfalfa grass mix hay for her and her pasture mate. My little horse is a Mustang. I can't feed her very much because I have to watch her weight, but oh my, it's a wonderful product. I also love the little alfalfa "cookies" or snacks . Cubes??? They love those!!!! I saw your show on Clinton Anderson's show (who is my trainer by TV methods). and I recorded your show. I am such a big fan Please keep up the good work!!! I board my horse and she deserves the best possible feed and hay. Thanks so much.”

Coral C.

Your timothy-alfalfa blend hay cubes are the best! So glad I found your products in Springtown, TX.”

Donna H.

We don’t have horses, but our sheep, goats, and rabbits love the Standlee products.”

Madison A.

There is a 38 year old horse at our barn with very few teeth we mix Standlee Hay pellets with Luckys feed pellets and wet them down, he can no longer chew Hay. And it works GREAT you would never know he was 38 yrs. old. Thanks Standlee Hay Co.!”

Barbie H.

I love your alfalfa pellets and cubes and so do my horses. My girls run from the back pasture when they see us go to the barn and hear the rattle of the bin we keep them in. Thank you for making your product.”

Emily H.

Standlee Alfalfa Cubes are the greatest!!! We live in Oklahoma and were devastated by 2 years of drought. We began supplementing our 5 horses with the Alfalfa Cubes last winter, then again during the height of this summer’s drought to stretch our hay supply....I rescued a broodmare and her 3 month old filly about 6 weeks ago. The mare was about 200lbs underweight. I started her AND the filly on your Alfalfa Cubes. The mare has since gained a significant amount of weight and the filly is healthy, happy and sassy!”

Ginger F.

You guys are AWESOME!!! Thank you for providing a World Class product at a price anyone can afford! Being a Disabled Gulf War Vet, price is everything and I feel GREAT feeding my Morgan mare your Timothy Pellets. They make her so shiny and healthy. Low on the sugar, but high in quality!!!”

Penny C.

Standlee Hay products have kept my horses healthy and happy for years! With the drought conditions so prevalent here in Colorado and the massive shortage of good quality horse hay (at affordable price), I have supplemented my hay with the Standlee Hay Cubes soaked in water to keep my horses fed and hydrated. Thank you so much for your quality products - we love you!”

Mary K.

I absolutely LOVE Standlee Hay Company!!!! I bought the beet pulp shreds for my 2 year old horse in June, partly because he wasn't gaining weight very well on the sweet feed, and partly because he is so wound up naturally and the corn-based feed doesn't help that at all. I began noticing a big difference in his weight within a couple of weeks; and now he looks fantastic!! Their products are awesome.”

Keshia W.