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Brand New Look.
Same Great Forage!

All-natural, hand-selected small animal forage provided in three varieties: Alfalfa, Timothy, and Orchard. Although it was time to update our packaging, you’ll find the forage remains of the highest quality for you and your companions and is always fresh From Our Fields to Your Home®.

FEATURED EXPERTStephen E. Duren, M.S., Ph.D., PAS

Passionate about animal health, Dr. Duren has been helping animal feed manufactures, students, and owners since 1989. During his life, Dr. Duren has owned and cared for many animals and understands the investment, resources and the connections between diet and performance. When Dr. Duren is not working, you will find him outside caring for his animals on his Idaho ranch.

Dr. Stephen Duren
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      "title": "Premium Forage Products for Small Animals | Standlee Premium Western Forage"
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