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Flock Fresh

Standlee Premium Western Forage® Flock Fresh® is an all-natural bedding mixture. Scientifically formulated, Flock Fresh® reduces ammonia odors, promotes digestive health and creates a comfortable, dry and a nearly odor-free roosting area.

Flock Fresh® is made with Premium Chopped Straw, Premium Chopped Alfalfa and Zeolite granules. The mix is composed primarily of Chopped Straw and enhanced with Zeolite granules. Alfalfa is added to encourage your flock to peck through and continually turn the bedding. This activity and comfort promotes a happy and healthy coop environment. Flock Fresh® is recommended for chickens, ducks, game birds, pigs & other small animals.

Additionally, used Flock Fresh® is ideal for composting. Get amazing results in your flower beds and gardens without the use of chemicals.

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Recommended For:

Non-equine bedding, chickens, ducks, game birds, pigs & other small animals

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Barley or Wheat seeds may be present and may germinate if used in gardens or for erosion control.


  • All-natural bedding mixture
  • Promotes a healthy & active coop environment
  • Extends life of the bedding
  • Supports sustainability with poultry & garden usage


Naturally Sun-Cured Premium Barley or Wheat Straw, Clinoptilolite (Zeolite) Granules, Naturally Sun-Cured Premium Chopped Alfalfa