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What Can I Do When Hay is in Short Supply?

Two Horses Eating Hay in Snow

Providing a consistent source of quality forage for your animals is very important. Hay supply sources can be disrupted by natural disaster, traveling for shows or simply just running out. Whatever the situation may be, finding a means of hay alternatives is a must to be familiar with.

In our latest blog post “What Can I Do If I’m In Short Supply of Hay or Pasture?” we help solve this problem. We answer the following questions:

  • Why Forage?
  • What Hay Alternatives Are Available?
  • How Do I Feed Hay Alternatives?
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Also Included In This Blog Post


One of our Standlee equine nutritionists, Dr. Cubitt, goes into further detail about hay alternatives in a recorded webinar titled, “When Quality Hay Is In Short Supply, What Can I Feed My Horse?”

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