Standlee Premium Western Forage

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In the wild, the horse is adapted to eating a variety of forages and traveling significant distances each day in order to obtain adequate nutrition. As it goes, horses are “hindgut fermenters”. Their digestive tract is made up of a simple stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Thus, they are "trickle eaters," meaning they must have an almost constant supply of food to keep their digestive system working properly.

Horse's Digestive Tract

Well, domestication has changed these feeding habits for our four-legged friends. Horses now have a myriad of problems due to modern management practices such as stabling, increased grain based concentrate consumption, meal feeding and limited access to pasture.

To provide a more natural feeding system, we firstly need to make sure horses are being given access to a high fiber based diet. BUT given the vast variety of forage choices, where do we start?

Standlee’s Forage Finder is the perfect tool to start the New Year with. It factors in age, activity level, and special needs to determine the best forage for your horse.

If you want to take it a step further and determine the best mix of forage, manufactured grain-based feed, oil and/or beet pulp for your horse, to optimize their caloric feed program, use our Standlee Feed Calculator®.

These innovative tools ensure owners are satisfied, animals are properly nourished and you have easy reference to forage facts and feed amounts.

Standlee Premium Western Forage® believe ‘s in being a SOLUTION to your horses feeding program and not just another choice.