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Organic Alfalfa Pellets and the Lactating Dairy Goat

Girl butting heads with Goat

Guess the world’s most popular dairy source. Is it cow milk? Sheep milk? How about cat milk? Actually, it’s the milk produced by our favorite 2-toed, fluffy tailed friends: Goats! Here in the United States, goat milk is quickly gaining popularity as a low lactose milk and a premium ingredient in artisan cheeses and natural yogurts.

But goats are not lifeless machines. They can’t just produce an abundance of healthy, high quality milk without the proper care. Some goat farms have hidden away their milking secrets for hundreds of years, only allowing family members to know their methods. Luckily for you, we’re not requiring anyone to marry into the Standlee family to get our secrets. Our nutritional specialist, Dr. Duren Ph.D., will show you how to get the healthiest, highest quality milk from your goats while keeping them happy and healthy. Read the complete article on Standlee’s website by clicking the button below!

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