Pro-Tips For Your Horse's New Year's Resolutions
Woman and Horse in Snow
New Year's means a new set of resolutions. Luckily, horses love to push themselves (for a few bags of treats, of course). So this year, why not set some resolutions for your horse?
Slimming down a few unneeded pounds is an incredibly worthy goal that'll help your best friend not only live longer, but happier. Here's an easy tip to help you this year: Research has shown haynets with smaller holes successfully slow down forage intake by increasing the overall chewing time. This way, your horse still has access to all the forage she needs without as much risk for overeating.
Another easy trick that can make a huge difference is to weigh your horse's feed instead of measuring it in "bales." This is because bales can become compacted based on various conditions such as weather and humidity, meaning that half bale you feed your horse might be actually six-tenths of a bale.
Feeding your horse high-quality, premium forage is another great tip to keep her happy and healthy. Click the button below to discover which forage is best for your horse's health with our forage finder!
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