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In 2004, Standlee started providing select Standlee Premium Western Forage® products around the globe. Standlee originally set forth to market and distribute select products in Japan and Taiwan and has expanded into Korea, the Middle East, New Zealand and China.

International Products

In June of 2010, Standlee brought on-board a full time consultant based in China.
For inside China, please contact Guoli Cao at gcao@standleeforage.com.

Standlee delivers the highest quality Standlee Premium Western Forage® products in an efficient and timely manner utilizing rail and trucking options for delivery to West Coast ports. Once our products reach the West Coast, Standlee utilizes most major shipping lines to keep ocean freight competitively priced and assure timely shipments.

Go to our International Products Page to learn more about Standlee Premium Western Forage® products sold internationally.

Please contact International Sales for more information or questions at 800-398-0819 or use the International Sales Inquiry Form to get in contact with us.