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Quality Assurance

At Standlee Premium Western Forage, we are driven to succeed by being relentless in our efforts to provide the highest quality premium western forage. We pay attention to the details and our quality assurance program is in place to do just that.

Forage Tarping

The Standlee Difference starts in the fields where our farm managers are extensively involved with the process, ensuring all quality standards are met from the start. Once our premium western forage is baled and inspected, we take extra care that it stays that way by utilizing fully enclosed tarps, protecting the forage from the start.

Throughout the processing lifecycle of Standlee Premium Western ForageĀ®, quality testing is performed to ensure our products meet or exceed expectation.

Forage Inspection
  • Forage stacks are thoroughly inspected to record specific characteristics of the forage. Those characteristics are then used to determine if the forage meets our product standards.
  • Continual inspections of our products are performed to ensure exact specifications for moisture, density, appearance and color are met.
  • State of the art contaminant detection systems are used to reject inferior product.
  • Quality control audits are performed during all stages of production.

Lab testing is performed to determine the guaranteed analysis that is stated on every Standlee product. Learn more about Standlee's guaranteed analysis.

Standlee Premium Western ForageĀ® would love to hear from you! Please contact our Customer Service Team at 800-398-0819 or via e-mail at with any feedback, comments or quality concerns you may have.