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Rattlesnake Plant

Standlee Hay Operations consist of the Eden Processing & Distribution Center in Idaho, distribution centers in Lexington KY, Valdosta GA, and Hagerstown MD. These facilities work hand in hand to ensure our customers are taken care of regardless of their location.

The Eden Processing and Distribution Center consists of a small bale press which creates our 50 pound domestic and our 70 pound International bales. Standlee Hay Company presses a variety of forages including Alfalfa, Alfalfa Grass mixes, Timothy Grass, Orchard Grass, Straw and a special Alpaca Grass. All these products are made for both domestic and international markets. The press is capable of producing 18 tons per hour with any of these products.

The Rattlesnake plant also houses a 2010 model big bale press. This press is designed to create 950 pound sleeve bales for both our domestic customers as well as our International customers. This press creates a packaged bale which will replace the old industry standard wire bales. This bale is not only the best looking in the industry but the easiest to handle as well.

The plant underwent a very extensive remodel in 2013 that increased our Safety, Quality and Production:

  • New state of the art bagger capable of more than doubling our current output.
  • Robotically stacking and wrapping our freshly bagged product in our finished goods area which produces a very efficient and safe fork truck traffic pattern.
  • New cube/pellet bin and feed system that eliminates all re-handling of cubes and pellets resulting in vastly reduced chaff created by re-handling them.
  • New high capacity shredders (2) and hammer mill (1) for our cube, pellet and CFIB processes that will increase throughputs and provide a more consistent product to each of those product lines.
  • Automating our Grab and Go line with our small bale press to make packaged product in one process.
  • Robotically palletizing and wrapping of our Grab and Go bales, domestic half cut bales and CFIB (chopped forage in bag) products.
  • New state of the art metal detection systems.
Standlee Premium Western ForageĀ® Offices and Distribution Centers Map

New state of the art bagger capable of more than doubling our current output. The Kentucky, Georgia, and Maryland distribution centers supply the entire east coast with our complete line of forage products. The team at these facilities is built from a strong horse and farm background. Combined, our team holds decades of experience within the equine industry. They are on top of their game and serve our customers well.