Standlee Premium Western Forage believes that growing, processing and delivering premium western forage products begins with quality in the field. Standlee Premium Western Forage has a strong emphasis on hands-on management at each of our farms; our farm managers are deeply involved with all areas of production. Since our managers are directly involved in our farming operations our attention to details and quality is unparalleled. We continue to appreciate the tried and true tradition that farming is a family business.

Planting Blue Gulch

At Standlee Premium Western Forage timing is everything. Employees toil for many long hours in fields planting, watering and harvesting forage products at the peak of perfection. Standlee Premium Western Forage produces most of its forage using the large square baler. We use these large 4 x 4 x 8 bales of forage to manufacture our compressed bales, sleeved forage, and larger compressed bales for the international and domestic market. Three string bales are still common; however, our 3-string forage is a specialty market.

Eden Baler

Standlee Premium Western Forage operates five farms totaling nearly 22,000 acres and harvest an additional 13,000 acres. Farming this vast amount of acres allows Standlee Premium Western Forage to rotate crops to help keep our forage the highest quality on the market. Standlee cultivates a wide variety of forages, including Alfalfa, Timothy Grass, Teff Grass, Orchard Grass, and Alfalfa/Grass mixed fields. We also farm other crops such as corn, potatoes, and wheat to help keep our soil prime for forage.

Bales in a field at Sunset

Our Blue Gulch farm is a beautiful farm located in western Twin Falls County, Idaho, sprawling over five square miles! It consists of 3,500 acres of land, primarily irrigated by 47 center pivots with water provided by wells located on the farm. The farm is unique because it is landlocked, surrounded by the Owyhee Desert and BLM ground. There is only a small fraction of one border that is adjacent to another farm. This isolation helps the Blue Gulch farm raise the highest quality forage products possible.

The Arco farm is located in Butte County, Idaho - It consists of 4,400-acres irrigated by a combination of wells and water from the melting snowpack of the surrounding mountains. This farm has the perfect climate to raise premium western forage. The cool nights produce just the right amount of dew to bale soft Alfalfa loaded with leaves.

The Snowville farm, located on the Utah/Idaho border, is a 6,000-acre farm irrigated by center pivots from a mix of deep wells and Stone Reservoir water.

The most recent farm added is the Howe farm in Butte County - It consists of 2,800-acres and is located 40 miles from the Arco Farm. Like the Arco Farm, the climate in the area is perfect for growing premium forage.

Lastly, is the Eden farm which surrounds our Standlee production facility in Eden, Idaho. It is a 4,000-acre farm irrigated with water diverted from the Snake River.

Our high quality forage crops are available in certified noxious weed-free. Along with the pure well water, modern irrigation techniques, and the farm's isolation, our skilled employees spend many exhausting hours planting, watering, fertilizing and harvesting to raise and deliver a superior product to our customer. Our team at Standlee Premium Western ForageĀ® is trained to grade the forage after baling to be sure it is sent to the correct market for consistent quality.

Idaho's highly fertile volcanic soil, abundant irrigation, minimal humidity, and low annual rainfall create the perfect climate to produce high quality forage. Our forage can be naturally cured in as little as 3 days. The largest volumes of the highest quality forages are grown in the west consistently year after year.