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Assured Supply and Distribution

Rattlesnake Plant

Standlee Hay Company has spent years perfecting the best ways to ship their nutritious products. From container loads of fresh green alfalfa forage bales to pallets of bagged pellets and cubes, we choose the best shipping methods that deliver that "fresh from the field" product to the dealers and retail locations around the world. When a Standlee product arrives at its destination, it is a high quality feed ready to supply the nutrition you want for your feeding program.

Standlee Hay Operations consist of the Eden Processing & Distribution Center in Idaho, distribution centers located in Lexington KY, Valdosta GA, and Hagerstown MD. These facilities work together seamlessly to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers throughout the world.

Standlee Forage Container

Our modern equipment and great accommodating staff will ensure timely delivery of Standlee Premium Western ForageĀ® products to your door. We have many resources available to us to ensure the best freight rates available. We can ship products via truck, intermodal, or by rail.

When an order is shipped, we make sure that our product is securely loaded in the railcar or truck so that it is protected while it is in route. This is one simple way we can help to maintain quality in the distribution process. We provide expert logistics management resources to meet our customer's needs.

Standlee Forage Loading on Railcar

We understand that sometimes your forage needs and quantities can be different from month to month or from season to season. Our distribution centers monitor their inventory daily to make sure they have enough products in their warehouse to meet your needs. Our Supply Chain ships product to our distribution centers weekly so that we can assure supply to our customers.

Standlee Hay Trucking

Standlee Truck Loaded with Hay

Standlee Hay Trucking is a full service carrier with three different fleets: Forage, container and over the road trucks. At Standlee Hay Trucking, we know that one of the keys to our success has been our people. We have a base of experienced, loyal and committed company drivers, maintenance personnel, and office staff who share in our commitment to provide value added services to our customers. We will handle freight requests and issues with immediate response. Close contact and ongoing communication with our customers is the key to our success.