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Career Information

Standlee Employees Outside

At Standlee, we strive to provide a workplace that excels in its products, people and standards. We challenge ourselves to create an environment that challenges yet rewards our employees. We seek to maintain an atmosphere that encourages initiative, creativity and teamwork. If you have a desire to be a part of the Standlee Premium Western Forage team, please begin your career by visiting our job opportunities page.


The Hiring Process

All positions, hourly and salaried, start with a screening of the candidate's résumé. Qualified candidates are then selected for an initial phone interview. Following the phone interview, the top candidates will then be interviewed by Human Resources and the Hiring Managers. For some positions we may conduct panel interviews or a more extensive process.


Standlee Hay Company recognizes the importance of its employees and we are committed to recognizing that through our benefit package. We offer all full-time employees Paid Time-Off (PTO), holiday pay, a 401(k) retirement plan, medical, dental, vision, and voluntary life insurance. We know that it takes talented, motivated people to make our company successful. We strive to recruit and retain these types of people through our benefits package. If you are interested in a career at Standlee, please visit our job opportunities page.

Our Company

Standlee is a diverse, family-owned business with its roots deeply planted in agriculture. Standlee is a rapidly growing company that has been in business for over 30 years. Standlee continues to adapt and grow in today's changing marketplace.

Our Business

We have many different business operations within Standlee that are all connected to the forage industry. Standlee is involved with everything from farming, to custom cutting of forage, to manufacturing, to distributing our products across the United States and the World.

What is the key factor that makes us a leader in the premium forage industry?

Quite simply… it's our people.

Our Standlee Mission Statement:

Mike and Dusty Standlee

At Standlee, we're proud of our longstanding commitment to growing, producing, manufacturing, marketing and selling the highest quality forage products in the World. By enthusiastically embracing new technology, while honoring our American farming heritage, we will continue to provide customers with industry leading premium forage products into the future.

Standlee Companies have true passion for the forage industry and deep appreciation for the core values that drive our business. We nurture this perspective as the foundation for our category leadership today and our innovation leadership in the future. The cornerstone of our strategy is to always be the best, as we uniquely exceed our customers' expectations.

Our Values at Standlee Premium Western Forage®:

  • We are Driven to Succeed
  • We Value Trust, Honesty, Professionalism and Integrity
  • Our Approach to Performance is Relentless Improvement
  • We Pay Careful Attention to Details
  • Our Performance Standard is "The Standlee Perfect Order"
  • We Value Enduring Relationships
  • We Hire Hard and Manage Easy
  • We Plan and Manage Positive Change
  • We Put Who Before What in Leading and Managing
  • We Value the Well Being and Safety of our Employees
  • We Empower One Another and Hold Ourselves Accountable
  • We are Proud of our Company, Brands and Accomplishments
  • We are Business Builders

Go Standlee Premium Western Forage®!