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Standlee Offers New Bedding Solutions for Horses, Chickens and Other Livestock!

May 26, 2016

Available this summer, Standlee Premium Western Forage® introduces 2 new bedding solutions- Horse Fresh™ and Flock Fresh™. ‘We are really excited to offer these bedding products featuring all-natural Zeolite.” expressed Dusty Standlee, CEO/President at Standlee Hay Company. “Zeolite is essentially ancient Idahoan volcanic ash with an impressive ability to absorb both moisture and odor.” continued Standlee.

Horse Fresh™ is positioned as a terrific solution to extend the effective life of bedding materials by absorbing odors and reducing moisture from animals. This product can also be used for other livestock and domesticated animals including goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats and more. The Horse Fresh® Zeolite granules are simply mixed in with the consumers’ preferred bedding choice.

Flock Fresh™ is a value-added bedding product for the backyard poultry market. This product combines straw with Zeolite granules and alfalfa forage to provide an excellent bedding solution while increasing coop activity for the flock as they search out the alfalfa morsels. Like Horse Fresh™, Flock Fresh™ effectively reduces odors and moisture in the coop and roost areas.

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