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New Packaging from Standlee Premium Western Forage®

Jan 29, 2014

Bag Issues, Resolutions and Timing Projections

Standlee Premium Western Forage® has received recent feedback from our dealers and consumers regarding the new packaging. Our quality assurance is tracking and analyzing all feedback on this topic.

We at Standlee Premium Western Forage® value all feedback and remain committed to improve on every aspect of our products including the packaging. We also sincerely apologize for any short comings of the new packages.

The following list represents the most common comments to date: 

  1. Difficulty to open bags- Bags need an easy open feature (without a knife or sharp tool) 
  2. Bag tears or seal failures- Product does not remain in the bag throughout delivery 
  3. New appearance and colors- Change of colors are making the product hard to find on-shelf or at consumer locations (IE: Storage)

The following outlines our issue resolution path and estimated time to deliver the solutions.

Issue Resolution by Item: 

  1. Difficulty to open bags
    • Standlee is researching options with our bag provider to provide an easy to open feature on the bags without a knife or tool  IE: Perforated open area (Resolution time- on-going) 
  2. Seam failures and bag tears 
    • The operations team has worked diligently to successfully remedy the top seam failure.  A small quantity of early productions bags may currently be in market with this issue. (Resolution time- Done) 
    • All bags require care to avoid sharp surfaces which could result in punctures and tearing. The new packaging was not chosen as a less expensive alternative. The new package allows Standlee to provide a clean and professional appearance on-shelf. (IE: Clean  and even bottom seal) The packaging also delivers better packaging graphics image and print quality to enhance package readability. Our operations and quality teams are working on pallet stacking to reduce the risk of tearing in transit to and in stores. (Resolution time- on-going)
      *We recommend to consumers to contact their retailer and customers contact Standlee customer service with any tear issues.
  3. New appearance and colors 
    • The design of the package is intended to allow for easier and quicker shopping. Research has shown that consumers shop first by forage type and then by format. The packaging system has been designed and the recommended shelf set has been communicated with this behavior in mind. 
    • When displayed together with signage in store, a consumer should be able to find product without memorizing a package color. However, until the consumer and/or store personnel understand the system, there will be some learning at shelf. Standlee does provide packaging conversion charts at shelf to illustrate the transition from prior to new packaging. 
    • The packaging system is as follows:
        • Display product by forage type- Alfalfa, Alfalfa Blends, Timothy Grass, and Orchard Grass plus Beet Pulp and Bedding with signs directing the consumers to their forage type or other products of choice
        • Display products at shelf with product signage by format. The colors represent the format of the product in the bag.  IE: Green = Cubes, Purple = Pellets, Blue = Chopped, Orange = Shreds, Pink = Treats & Yellow = Bedding 

Please see the image below for a shelf set with the product displayed and the supporting signage in the manner described above. 

We at Standlee Premium Western Forage® remain committed to delivering the highest quality forage and forage-based products and shopping experience for our consumers. We are working hard to resolve the above packaging issues quickly and to the best of our abilities. We also thank you for your feedback and patience on this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-398-0819 or via e-mail at with any additional comments or feedback. 

About Standlee Hay Company

Standlee Hay Company is a family-owned forage company located in Southern Idaho.  Founded in 1981, Standlee Hay grows and manufactures a wide variety of high quality forage-based products including bales, cubes & pellets under the Standlee Premium Western Forage® brand.  Standlee Hay also manufactures jojo’s BEST™, a premium line of feed and bedding products for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small companion animals.  Standlee Premium Western Forage® and jojo’s BEST™ products are sold throughout the United States and the World.