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Dusty Standlee announced as New President of Standlee Hay Company

Oct 18, 2011

Standlee Hay Company has spent several years planning and building the Management Team of Standlee Hay Company and has had several management promotions in the last couple of years. These management changes have provided stability and continued growth of our company. As part of our business plan and to continue to move the company forward we are pleased to announce that Mike Standlee has appointed his son Dusty Standlee as the New President of Standlee Hay Company. Dusty is the third generation Standlee in the family hay business. Dusty started his career in the fields, working days and nights, he moved his way into plant operations, management and to Vice President. This experience from the fields to the Corporate office has provided him the knowledge and experience needed to ensure the future successes of Standlee Hay Company. Please welcome the New President of Standlee Hay Company Dusty Standlee to his new position.

Mike Standlee will remain CEO of Standlee Hay Company and will continue defining the company vision and direction for future growth.