Certified forage is a shortened term for “certified noxious weed free forage or straw”. Through the governing body NAWMA (North American Weed Management Association), states have come together and determined what weeds they deem as noxious; each state agriculture department inspects fields within their state for noxious weeds and will certify the field as noxious weed free if it meets the criteria. When manufactures participate in this program they are required by law to provide certain types of labeling on their noxious weed free products. All of our NWFFS (Noxious Weed Free Forage Straw) baled forage or straw has a yellow band with purple writing, with the ID Dept. of Ag logo and the letters NWFFS. Our certified bagged products have the labeling required on the bottom left hand corner of our packaging. We do not send out certificates to individuals or to retailers, as we are required by law to provide labeling on our noxious weed free products. Certified does not mean forages are weed free; it means they are free of “noxious” weeds. Always feed your animals noxious weed free products at least 3 days prior to traveling to areas requiring certified forage. For detailed information on Certified Noxious Weed Free, go to our Certified Noxious Weed Free page.