Dehydrated forage cubes are processed differently than sun cured forage cubes. Dehydrated cubes are made from forages that are grown in humid climates primarily, or areas where frequent rain showers exist. These forages are harvested before bloom and not at optimum levels. The forage is usually left in the field for 2 days, then is picked up and chopped, transported to the processing plant, dehydrated to 95% matter and then cubed. The dehydrated method does not allow for the forage to be baled. Sun cured forages uses the sun to naturally cure the hay in the field before it is baled. This process can take upwards of 5 days before baling. Once baled, the forage then is processed into cubes, on an as needed basis. The nutritional value is naturally protected from this curing method. Dehydrated cubes nutritional values start out high, but with additional heat from the process, lower levels are maintained to mirror the natural process of sun cured cubes. Sun cured cubes forages have optimum levels of nutrition and with less chance of mold spores. Standlee Premium Western Forage® uses the natural method of sun cured and does not use any chemical mold inhibitors to control unwanted moisture as found in the eastern humid areas of forage processing.