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Certified forage is a term used commonly when traveling into national forests, BLM lands, and national parks. Certified forage is a shortened term for “certified noxious weed free forage". States have come together and determined what weeds they deem as noxious; each state's agriculture department inspects fields within their state for noxious weeds. If the field passes inspection, the field is then certified noxious weed free. When traveling to areas that require noxious weed free forage, the only proof that is required on our certified forage is a yellow band, the words NWFFS and the Idaho Department of Agriculture’s logo on the band. Certified does not mean forages are weed free; it means they are free of "noxious" weeds. Always feed your animals noxious weed free products at least 3 days prior to traveling to areas requiring certified forage.