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What is the age of your horse?

Terms Definitions

Weanling - a young horse, less than one-year (12 months) of age, that has recently been separated from its mother.

Yearling - a young horse between 12 and 24 months of age.

Senior Horse - This is an aged horse, typically over 20 years of age, with dental problems that make it difficult or impossible for the horse to chew and swallow baled hay. If the horse can still chew baled hay treat it as a maintenance or performance horse.

Growth Rate - the number of pounds a young horse will gain in body weight per day. Growth rate is also often referred to as Average Daily Gain (ADG).

Slow Growth Rate - a growth rate that is approximately 75% of normal industry standards. This growth rate requires fewer calories and less protein since the animal is gaining weight very slowly.

Normal Growth Rate - this is the average or expected growth rate for horses of a particular breed.

Rapid Growth Rate - this is a growth rate that is 110% to 125% of industry standards. This growth rate can result in growth anomalies and potential unsoundness.

Yearlings In Training - training for yearlings includes exercise including ground work such as lounging, and walking machine along with light riding during the initial stages of breaking.

Maintenance - This is a horse that is 2-years old or older that has limited or no riding (ridden less than twice per week, for less than 1 hour per ride). This horse is also not reproductively active (pregnant, lactating or breeding).

Performance - This is a horse that is 2-years old or older that is actively ridden, trained or shown. The horse is ridden more than 2 days per week for duration of at least 60 minutes per exercise bout. Activities may include Western or English riding along with a host of other athletic events such as roping, jumping or dressage.

Broodmare - This is a reproductively active mare that is pregnant, lactating (nursing a foal) or both.

Early Pregnancy - This is considered the time from conception through the first four months of pregnancy.

Late Pregnancy - This is considered the time from five months of pregnancy until the foal is born.

Lactation - The mare is actively producing milk for a nursing foal.

Early Lactation - This is considered the time from the birth of the foal through the first three months of lactation.

Late Lactation - This is considered the time from four months of lactation until the foal is separated (weaned) from the mare.

Breeding Stallion - This is a reproductively active male horse. This horse would be used for breeding purposes.

Underweight - This horse is considered thin. It will have an appearance in which you can clearly see the prominent bones of the body including ribs, vertebrae (back) and pelvic (hip). This horse will also lack muscle mass and adequate fat deposits.

Overweight - This horse is considered fat. It will have an appearance in which you can’t see or even feel the ribs. It has obvious fat deposits in the neck (crest), behind the shoulder and over the rump.

Carbohydrate (Sugar/Starch) Sensitive - these horses have diseases that are made worse with excessive sugar and starch in the diet. Diseases include: Laminitis, Tying-up, Cushing’s, Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome.

HYPP - This is a genetic disorder that makes horses sensitive to the potassium content of the diet. Feeding diets high in potassium makes the disorder worse.

Gastric Ulcers - These are sores in the lining of the stomach caused by acid. Performance horses that are fed high grain diets and only small amounts of hay typically have gastric ulcers.


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